tirsdag, februar 19, 2019

The Michelin Guide Nordic Countries 2019

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Enjoy the best of hotels and restaurants with MICHELIN Guide Nordic Cities! This year, hotels and restaurants have been selected in 8 cities across Denmark, Finland, Norway, Sweden and Iceland for the constant quality of their services. MICHELIN Guide Nordic Cities caters for individual tastes and budgets: from Bib Gourmand for an affordable and enjoyable meal and starred restaurants for special occasions... With 8 cities Copenhagen, Arhus, Helsinki, Oslo, Stockholm, Gothenburg, Malmö, Reykjavik & a selection with around 240 restaurants and 125 hotels In English & organized by country and city You can also choose a hotel in all confidence from cozy townhouses to luxury hotels. The MICHELIN Guide to the Nordic Cities will open your appetite with its short and inviting description for each venue illustrated with color photographs. Starred restaurants in the guide feature specialties offered by the restaurant and name of the chef-owner. To add to your Michelin experience, you will also find a lively and foodie introduction to each of the Nordic cities in the guide To make your stay memorable, the MICHELIN guide has an easy-to-use format, featuring: * Thematic indexes to help you make the right choice * Cultural and practical information * Cuisines from around the world, in all price bands * City map locating the guide's hotels and restaurants * Photos and lively description for each entry, including prices

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