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MadridFusión: Ángel Leòn lyser opp den første dagen av Madrid Fusiòn 2017

Ángel León, to finish the morning, has illuminated the day. We have discovered that there are proteins and enzymes in certain sea animals that are able to illuminate the dishes of your kitchen. By means of a natural lyophilization process, he has been able to extract from certain crabs luciferin, a protein, and luciferase, an enzyme, which, when combined, is capable of illuminating a food, giving birth to the light of darkness. One more reason why the cook of Aponiente is just deserving of the Prize to the Chef of the Year in Europe, which has been awarded by Silestone, by Cosentino, in Asisa Madridfusion 2017.

The International Congress of Gastronomy Asisa Madridfusion 2017 opened its doors today with a day in which we have many things to celebrate.
The first of these was the 15th edition of an annual conclave of world cuisine, which, as told on stage by its president: 
José Carlos Capel, and its director: 
Lourdes Plana, was born in a Conversation with Ferran Adrià in ElBulli back in 2001.

Today, in the Auditorium, many of the chefs who have led the emergence of Spanish cuisine in the world and are its most prestigious current representatives, have provided for the past, present and future of Asisa Madridfusión and cuisine.
But there is no better way to talk about the excellent health of this annual congress than to outline some of the contents that we have had the opportunity to enjoy the attendees to an edition in which more than one hundred chefs from fifteen different countries will participate.

The person in charge of lighting the stoves has been chef Mario Sandoval. Restaurante Coque Madrid 
He has exposed us how the alive foods, the fermented ones, have opened a hollow in different elaborations of his kitchen. 

After him, German Martitegui, from Tegui Restaurant in Buenos Aires, has shown us his vision of contemporary Argentine cuisine. A cuisine that is the guest of honor in this XV Madrid edition and that leaves behind the beef to focus on the exceptional product of its country, its natural spaces and its people.
About these spaces, about these people, is about which Martitegui builds his Tierras project, in which he has involved 23 other cooks who, like him, seek after the product to people who live in different corners of Argentina and extract from The nature those exceptional raw materials with which the cooks then develop their work.
Maria Fernanda di Giacobbe, for her part, has earned herself this year the Basque Culinary World Price, which rewards projects led by chefs seeking to transform the world. The cook Di Giacobbe, interviewed in the Auditorium by Joan Roca, presented us her Project Bombón, through which she has found a way to train more than 8,500 women in her country in cocoa and chocolate, generating for all of them opportunities Economic, social and cultural rights born of a product that symbolizes Venezuela.

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Ronny Emborg and Mathew Abbick, meanwhile, have shown us why Atera is today one of the most vibrant restaurants in the Big Apple. The extreme naturalistic aesthetic of Emborg's kitchen is on the bar of the establishment with the immeasurable professionalism of Abbick, who transforms room service into a masterful choreography that transforms the dining experience.

From the Abruzzi, Niko Romito, one of the chefs who mark the passage of modern Italian cuisine with his extreme search for simplicity, through very complex techniques that minimize the presence of elements in the dish, but multiply until the Infinite the complexity and elegance of the elaborations. Its key word, the stratification of flavors.

The morning's day drew to an end with De Librije's Jonnie Boer, a world-wide teacher of fermented and contrasted flavors, who found in the surroundings of his restaurant a language of his own, combining freshness, modernity and complexity in the dishes.

We have lived the presentation of the winning top of the VIII International Tapas Competition, sponsored by ICEX. Its winner: Nayab Siddiqui. 

Jordi Roca and Alejandra Rivas have approached us to their kitchen of the Turrón; 
Roberto Ruiz and Fernando Desa have shown us their interpretation of the Iberomex kitchen and, together with Martín Berasategui and Javier Bernabeu we have known what will be the launch of the book Grandes Chefs y Broócoli.

In the competitions section: 
Luis Domínguez, with his Pizza Marinera con Plankton, has won the First Prize in the VIII Contest of sandwiches with cheese from LACTALIS FOODSERVICE IBERIA and Raquel García, author of the squid bocata with alioli "in his Ink ", has won the IV Contest of Author Snacks sponsored by FRIPAN. The second place has corresponded to Rodrigo Vallejo.

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